Beginners Guide | CS Go Tips

1. Spend Time Playing the Game – Competitive Mode

The single best way to get better is actually to play the game and gain experience. The competitive mode is much more structured and almost always more difficult than playing on casual.

This will force you to get better over time and become more experienced in shooting each weapon and what to do in each and every situation.

Professional players literately play the game 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  You don’t have to play that often to get good, but you should be consistently playing at least 2 matches a day to get better consistently.

You don’t have to play with a team or friends, just jump in the game and start playing and learning!

2. Learn how to use the M4 and Ak-47

The M4 (CT side) and Ak-47 (T side) are the two most important weapons in the game. They are both extremely good weapons and very affordable. This is why they are so widely used.

The significant mistake that beginners make when learning how to use these guns is that they don’t burst, or they don’t burst enough. The AK-47 has massive recoil, more than the M4.

For both guns though, at long distances, you want to shoot only 1 or possibly 2 bullets at a time. For mid-range distances, 2-3 shots at a time. At close range 3 shots at a time, or if they are extremely close, you can go full auto and aim down (like at their feet). At full auto, the recoil will bring the shots up to their body.

You shouldn’t get in the habit of using other guns as your go to or default gun. Stick to the M4 and AK.

3. Communication is important

In competitive matches, is very important to communicate what is going on with your team. If you see 2-3 enemies pushing into a certain area, you should immediately communicate this to your teammates and tell them: how many enemies you see and where they are going.

This allows the rest of your team to “rotate” to the area and help kill the other team. This is one of the biggest mistakes that I see new and lower level players making. They don’t communicate, and everybody just does their own thing.

4. Watch how high level and professional level players play

You can pick up a lot of tips from professional players. How they move, peek around corners, where they throw grenades, etc.

You don’t have to spend a ton of time watching these games, but every now and then it’s useful to learn from them and apply what you learn in your own strategy. I’ll be added a section to this site to watch some good high-level matches, so check back shortly!


  • The P90 is by far the best SMG. You don’t need to burst at all at mid range and close distances.
  • Buy a grenade each round (if you have good money). Use it only when nobody is shooting at you.
  • Buy a defusal kit if few on your team have one.
  • Pick up better guns, grenades, defusal kits, and pistols around dead bodies.
  • Generally, always buy armor and a helmet, unless you are in a save round.
  • Don’t insult teammates – it almost always makes them perform worse, and it’s rude.