How does Boosting Works in Teamfight Tactics

Team fight tactics are a hard nut to crack for first timers. because it is from an auto battler Genre. The genre itself is relatively new and there aren’t enough mainstream titles from this particular genre. One of the reasons that the game is hard is because the chance to learn from your mistakes is slim. In TFT you are not engaged in first-hand fights and that can make these mistakes repeatable and because of that, the game can get frustrating at some points.

The game is a little complicated but Here’s how the game works:

  • You have to choose an Avatar, and this does not affect gameplay as such.
  • The game starts with your vs 7 players, friends or opponents. The game will then begin with a carousel. This is a rotating circle of champions, each of which is holding an item. You will get to choose one champion and item from the carousel.
  • You have to earn gold to buy champions. You could earn gold by winning rounds or accumulating interest.
  • Now after buying them place them on boards to your liking and strategy.
  • Once you finish placing them click on ready and now the round starts. Your selected champions will start the fight but keep in mind because this is an auto battler you can’t control your champions during the round and between the fights.
  • The goal is to survive through to the end and finish last so in each round you’ll get damaged and eventually the last player will win.

Now the initial intro is done let’s get down to “How does Boosting actually work In TeamFight Tactics”.

Choosing the right boosting service

So boosting is a service that you can use to hire a professional player to play on your account on your behalf and give a boost to your rank, account upgradation, or basically anything you want in your in-game account. Boosting is a common way to rank up in super competitive games and it is the easiest and fastest way to rank up.

Because TFT is from League of Legends and that’s why the community and player base are extremely big and because of that the competition is too high. Getting boosted in Team Fight Tactics is not different from any other game. Firstly in tft Boosting, you have to find a good website that is trustworthy and has fast service because even if they are good at providing boosting the late service can build paranoia in your head about your account. After finding your favorite website, select the service you want and fill out your order. They’ll ask for your ID and discord to communicate and finally pay for your service.

After that, you’ll have to give the boosting company your account credentials so the booster can log in to your account to play the game and boost your rank. After the completion of your service and boosting your rank to your desired one he’ll log out to your account. During this process, you can also chime in with this booster to gain experience in how to play certain fights and be better at the game by watching him play or you could also chat with him about the process of boosting the choice is all yours. You should change your account’s password after getting boosted to make sure that you’ll not lose your account but that rarely happens because boosting companies and their whole businesses are built on trust, and they would not thrash that by stealing some mere accounts. But better safe than sorry.

Now you could play at a much higher rank, or you can take a break from the game because you essentially achieved your rank.

Here are some positives of boosting:

  • The easiest way to rank up.
  • Gives you an opportunity to get better quickly by playing at a higher rank than your current skill ceiling.
  • You could also learn from the booster and gain experience from it.